Frequently Asked Questions

1What do I need to begin my immigration process with The Global Experts (TEG)
Simply fill in one of the forms under the GET STARTED Tab
2How much does TEG charge for its services?
TEG fees depend upon the service requested. Please feel free to fill one of the forms under the GET STARTED tab and one of our agents will get in touch with you soon.
3What payment methods are acceptable by TEG
Various convenient payment methods are available:

  • Direct Deposit at any UBA in Cameroon (preferred)
  • Cash Transfer (Western Union, Moneygram, Worldremit, Square Union etc)
  • Interac e-transfer
4Please tell me how your agency works
You decide on everything, we just do the work for you:

  • We give academic orientation
  • We find affordable schools
  • We guide you through the admission application process, compiling the required documents, applying to schools, following up on the applications and getting the admission letter and scholarship (if you qualify).
  • We guide you through the visa application process, compiling the necessary documents for your visa application, we apply and follow up until you get your study permit and visa.
5What is the total cost of the process?
It is difficult to get an exact estimate of cost in advance because it depends on several variables: the tuition mostly, the reputation of the school, the program and the academic level. For an estimate, fill the form below and one of our agents would be in contact with you.
6What is the average tuition fee for programs in Canada?
Tuition for international students lie anywhere between $2,500 and $40,000. However, the average or most popular tuition is usually upwards of $14,000 depending on your level of studies, the program you are taking and the ranking of the university/college
7How can I prepare effectively for the procedure?
  • Contact us at least a year in advance of your requested travel date
  • Have a valid passport ready
  • Have recent certified true copies of your documents. The date on the documents should not be older than a year.
8What are the deadlines for school application?
Varies per school but generally for Masters and PHD, 1 year in advance and for Bachelors, 8 months in advance of program start date
9What do you mean by budget in the online form?
This is the MAXIMUM amount that you or your sponsor(s) are willing to spend on tuition for one year. Of course our goal is finding you the cheapest school possible but we also want to get you the best option based on your profile. So it is important that we know how far you are willing to stretch your finances in order to get the best option available. For example lets assume your GPA is 2.2/4.0 . There could be a school with a tuition os $11,000 willing to take you with that but if you put your budget as only $7000, we could miss out on this opportunity.
10What is the purpose of filling the form online? Can I just tell you my situation on the phone?
We will definitely have a talk with you on the phone to understand your situation. However, the form will be helpful to us so that we can refer to your information instead of having to ask you all the time.
11When I fill your online form will it go directly to the embassy?
Absolutely NOT. We only send your information to the embassy after discussing with you and compiling your documents together